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Robert Hajek, Esq.

Main Office and Mailing Address
828 Stratford Court
Del Mar, CA 92014  

La Jolla Office
Northern Trust Building
4370 La Jolla Village Drive
Fourth floor, Suite 400
La Jolla, CA 92122

Downtown San Diego Office
Emerald Plaza
402 West Broadway, Suite 400
San Diego, CA

Telephone 858-792-1789
Cell 858-401-9882
Fax 858-792-1799


Rancho Santa Fe Divorce Lawyers Practice In One of the Highest Income Communities in the Nation…

So shouldn’t these lawyers be expected to understand business, real estate, patent rights laws, and stock options?

Rancho Santa Fe divorce lawyers must recognize the unique requirements of high net worth and high asset value individuals. This is a community of multi-million dollar homes and very successful businesses. But do you really think the average divorce attorney has that kind of experience?

Robert Hajek has 35 years experience negotiating real estate and business deals, helping clients with patent law and stock options, and negotiating and litigating divorce cases. That’s what Robert Hajek will bring to the lawyers table if he takes your case.

The complexities of a high net worth divorce requires a top rated attorney…

Robert Hajek is a Martindale-Hubbell National Peer Review Rated attorney. That means other attorneys and judges have rated his legal skills as “very high to preeminent.”

Preeminent…defined as “high status importance owing to marked superiority.” Is that the attorney you want on your side…or the other side?

Robert Hajek is fast, affordable and accessible…

Other lawyers often juggle too many cases to return your calls. Robert keeps his cell phone with him at all times. That means he returns all phone calls and emails promptly. He only takes a few cases per year. And that means he can stay focused on you and your case.

Pre-planning sets the tone for the entire case…

There are few things more important in a divorce case than the pre-divorce planning session. This is too often ignored by other attorneys. During this session, Robert can review your finances, help create a case strategy, and deliver a very accurate prediction on the outcome. Planning ahead usually eliminates a lot of the time and money that can easily get eaten up in a divorce case.

When it comes to protecting your assets, unlike other lawyers, Robert Hajek brings thirty years of business and real estate experience. And when it comes to choosing attorneys, he’s the divorce lawyer you need. Other attorneys simply can’t give you the experience Robert can.

Who do you want on your side of the table? Call Robert now at 858-792-1789 or email him at Bob@DelMarDivorce.com.